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Czernowitz was a polyglot town; its main languages were German, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Yiddish. Almost half of itsinhabitants were Jews. Finding no opportunity to be active as a trained construction technician, Leo Antschel made a living as a broker in the timber trade. His Zionist convictions caused him to dream of moving to Palestine.

His wifewho had little formal training, came from Sadagora, a Hasidic center near Czernowitz. Wart on foot keeps bleeding was a reader of German classics, and it was she who saw to it that in her petit bourgeois family testicular cancer or hydrocele German rather than the local dialect was spoken. Her son was closer to her than to his father. After the boy had attended a liberal German-language elementary school, Leo Antschel transferred him to the Hebrew-oriented Safah Ivriahafter which Paul switched to a state school, but continued being tutored at home in Hebrew.

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After his bar mitzvahour teenager dropped out of the Zionist group Davidia, and joined an anti-Fascist group composed mostly of Jewish students who put together a left-leaning magazine. Paul seems to have written his first poems around this time. The Antschels hoped for their son to become a doctor. Because by the time he graduated from high school in the spring of it was difficult for Jews to enter a medical school in Romania, he went to France to take premedical courses in Tours.

Traveling by train, he reached Berlin November 10, where he saw what antiSemitism had wrought during the night Kristallnacht. Paul returned home from Tours in July of Going back to France at the end of summer vacation turned out to be impossible when Hitler and Stalin signed their non-aggression pact.

Russian forces entered the city on June 20, That summer Paul met and befriended Ruth Lackner, a young Jewish actress who had separated from her husband, and later took back her maiden name Ruth Kraft. Young Antschel began to study Romance philology at the local university that fall. Three-fourth of the deportees were Jews. The Great Synagogue was put to the flame, wearing the Star of David was mandated, hundreds of Jews were murdered.

By the end of August wart on foot keeps bleeding number grew to more than three thousand.

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Other thousands were deported. The first Czernowitz ghetto ever was established in October. Owing to authorization permits issued by the well-disposed mayor of Czernowitz, the Antschel family was spared, but only for the time being.

When new deportation waves began in Junethe Antschel parents were among the victims, and were transported to Germanoccupied Ukraine. Their son had sought shelter for the night away from home and upon his return found his parents gone. He himself was sent to a forced-labor camp several hundred miles to the wart on foot keeps bleeding of Czernowitz.

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  • Пока они шли через Парк -- эскорт при этом держался в почтительном отдалении и переговаривался взволнованным шепотом,-- Олвин взвешивал свой следующий шаг.

Leo Antschel died in the Ukraine in the fall ofeither from typhus or a bullet. During his forced-labor months, hard though they hpv cervical carcinoma, Paul continued to write poetry whenever he could.

When the Red Armies began to force the Germans back, alleged negotiations for peace between the Soviets and the Romanian government may explain why in February the inmates of the forced-labor camps were granted time off, without being given a date for their return.

Paul Antschel left, and arrived in the Romanian capital in Aprilwhere he worked as an editor and translator mainly from Russian and German into Wart on foot keeps bleeding moved in Surrealist circles.

The first time Paul came to the fore as Paul Celan an anagram of Ancel, the Romanian spelling of Antschel occurred when a Romanian version of his most famous poem was published in under the title Tangoul Mortii Tango of Death before it became known as Todesfuge. In December Celan left Bucharest to go to Vienna, where he wart on foot keeps bleeding with the artist Edgar Jené for whose drawings and etchings Celan wrote the commentary under the title Edgar Jené und der Traum vom Traume This volume was printed a few weeks before Der Sand aus den Urnen, the first volume of published Celan poems; it contained two illustrations by Jené.

He went to Paris, where he was to spend the rest of his life. He continued to write poetry, and translated many poems from many languages. Repeatedly suffering bouts of human papillomavirus vaccine strains, he put an end to his life in Introduction To date, the secondary literature on Paul Celan has had little to say wart on foot keeps bleeding his early poetry since most of it did not become readily available until the publication of the Wiedemann edition in This volume brings the texts of German poems that are arranged in the Czernowitz, Bucharest, and Vienna periods in the ratio25, seven.

These numbers explain why by no more than 26 Czernowitz pieces, 19 Bucharest poems, and five Vienna compositions received any critical attention, and why 33 of these 50 were discussed only once, often very briefly at that. See Bohrer and Glenn The above data also show why wart on foot keeps bleeding the critics scrutinizing poems in Der Sand aus den Urnen speak of them as early. The purpose of the studies ahead is simply to discuss representative poems in some detail, without prejudice of any kind, and to draw from them whatever wart on foot keeps bleeding we may encounter.

Paul Celan: Studies in His Early Poetry

Wart on foot keeps bleeding an edition of collected works is involved, the volume in question will be mentioned, e. Little forays of this sort may help to highlight continuance or may serve to indicate development.

We therefore shall have nothing to add in this regard to the information brought by Chalfen and the equally valuable cultural data provided in the books of WiedemannWolfColinFelstinerand in a number of shorter studies.

Hence, in terms of influences other than those flowing from Antiquity and the Bible, our readings will primarily endeavor to be sensitive to the German literary elements deemed to be discernible in the early work. By definition, remarks about literary influences can never be exhaustive even if we knew which books Celan possessed or wart on foot keeps bleeding.

Such observations are wart on foot keeps bleeding fated to seem haphazard, even wart on foot keeps bleeding each and every suggestion to be made were to incur favorable reception. Even so, their cumulative effect may bring dividends and serve to show at least in part from where the poet comes and in which direction his way with words is leading him.

People Living in Harmony Together

Perhaps similes to him insinuate a mistrust of words that should be autonomous. Perhaps the poet suspects that similes all too often serve purposes of embellishment.

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His refraining from such adornments makes for a more sober language than Rilke ever saw fit to make his own. Since Wiedemann-Wolf has richly dealt with the poetic forms the young poet practiced, we propose to concentrate on the contents of his poems, while following within each study as closely as possible the chronological order in which they were written.

Even though each of the coming studies can be read as standing by itself, the cross-references between them, together with the motifs and parallels to which we expect to draw attention, will make for a selfreferential and self-revealing network that should wart on foot keeps bleeding staying Introduction xvii abreast of the implications flowing from the argument of a given moment.

That network is destined to become a dense one. The attempt to rely on close readings in a body of poetry importantly marked by ambiguities and obscurities is not novel.

Jackson 82for one, is persuaded that it is wart on foot keeps bleeding to scrutinize poems in their entirety, and to let the voice of the text itself speak.

At the hand of key terms and key phrases Pöggeler 77 speaks in a similar vein. A considerable number of equally recent wart on foot keeps bleeding could be cited here. Gellhausfor instance, has shown how to reap rich harvests from detailed scrutinies.

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  • И когда такие мысли посещали его сознание, окружающая действительность, дрогнув, куда-то исчезала, и за миром своих чувств он ощущал дыхание другого, совершенно отличного мира.

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Inherent in these studies is the assumption that their findings can only be refuted via equally close dealings with the primary materials. The array of readers who have spoken of Celan as an autobiographical poet is rather impressive. Lyon 55ViettaSchlesak 80Bogumil are but some of them.

To be sure, when speaking of autobiography, each of these critics adapts the term to his or her specific way of understanding and interpreting, and therefore applies modifications. We propose to do the same. For instance, whereas the poems involving cancer from hpv mother figure can without ado be called autobiographical, the early so-called love poems call for special consideration in order to qualify.

Imbued with the ubiquitous themes of melancholy and death, they seem to have a literary quality in that such love seems to have been read about. If, in addition to referring to the literary climate in which Celan writes see Wiedemann-Wolf 61 ff. Or, to put this differently, what comes to us in these writings is the vocalizing of perceived reality, reality of the mind therefore.

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An example of such reading and adapting pertains to the closing paragraphs of the Meridian speech III 86 in which Celan develops the Flaschenpost image borrowed wart on foot keeps bleeding Mandelstam G. Neumannnote ; Parry ; Olschner Thus, before Celan can send out his own floating container referring to, say, Vienna and Estremadura Schibboleth—Ihe himself wart on foot keeps bleeding such a bottle telling of figures, places, or events.

Though the dangers involved in these endeavors may be legion, they seem to be preferable to the freewheeling stance adopted by Holthusenwho states, Indem der Autor eine absolute Freiheit des Phantasierens für sich in Anspruch nimmt, räumt er dem Leser eine nicht weniger absolute Freiheit des Verstehens ein.

Autobiography entails the wart wart on foot keeps bleeding foot keeps bleeding of chronology. Due to the paucity of dates and the ways in which the critics made use of the few available to them, the matter of chronology is vexing. Gastric cancer z is at least one instance, however, in which the latest variant cannot possibly have been the one the poet himself would have chosen as the definitive one see p.

Furthermore, even though on occasion the differences between the variants of a poem are intriguing see, e.

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Our own dating system will therefore go by the moment when a given poem received its essential form and content. See, e. The concern with chronology also has a bearing on the possibility of gaining insights by reading poems that in some way are interrelated in serial fashion. Introduction xix Needless to say, the discussions to come will not be equally fruitful or persuasive.

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This chronological order is the sole selection criterion for this and the following study. In contrast to many other early poems, these are rhymeless.

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No inferences can be drawn from this other than those on which Wiedemann-Wolf dwells. All three allude or explicitly refer to blood, but the function of this motif differs importantly from one poem to the next. What is intriguing about the earliest poems is the materials that may have prompted Celan to write a given piece, or that display similarities with details in that poem.

wart on foot keeps bleeding

If persuasive, they bring testimony to the wide range of readings in which he engaged at an early age. Im Park 15 i Nacht. In die Wasserrose? It stands virus papiloma laringeo, without the benefit of a sentence, seemingly without the benefit of a moon.

Because of its pride of place, its consequence is unassailable; it literally domes everything. The manipulated wart on foot keeps bleeding vibrating in the opening line is heightened by the sober enumeration in the second.

How can the speaker sound so specific in wart on foot keeps bleeding environment in which vision is dim at best? For all we know, he may in a moment have to rely less on the physical than the mental eye, and even then may have his uncertainties. In Rosenthal as 1 under the title Woher. Wiedemann mentions Woher? She therefore places the poem as the seventh in her collection. Considering the Tours manuscript to be a rewrite, we date the poem as written before May 8, If they result from bubbles rising from below, they connote a bit of poetic realism, of the sort we encounter in the poetry of Droste-Hülshoff, and they may serve as an omen.

His lack of sharp focus wart on foot keeps bleeding insinuated not only by the wording, but also by the form of the strophe. The third strophe consists of one line only. What follows is a merely possible development, not even an explicit part of what happens in the eye of the mind, let alone in the physical one, and therefore merits questions and conditional verb forms only. So to speak, its two indefinite articles are to be turned into definite ones. When discussing Huhediblu IPerels deals with related matters.

This dovetails with what G. The Kahn motif occurs in later poems. This catches the essence of the Eichendorff lines cited above, but gives it extra weight by alluding to the lack of steering power—be it transcendental or otherwise. The speaker of Nachtstrahl is quite specific even though he leaves us wondering for a moment about subject versus predicate before we decide that we are dealing with inverted diction Wart on foot keeps bleeding In this connection, Eichendorff is not the first for whom the skiff acquires an ominous quality.

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Meanwhile, uncertainties still beset us in the penultimate strophe of Im Park, due to the star and the water lily. The star may be seen as the speller of wart on foot keeps bleeding destiny, or may be motivated by the myth 2 A similar concept comes to the fore when Celan, much later, translates a Mandelstam poem under the title Der Hufeisen-Finder V Felstiner seems to imply that such knowledge did not come about until May True, it does not serve the poem as riddle to allude to Cancer colorectal adenocarcinoma and Pollux as the outcome of the Zeus-Leda encounter, which, after all, is kept in the subjunctive.

That encounter might result in rape and, if judged by the closing line, death. Though far removed from the mythological plotline from which we do not even find out during which part of the day Zeus and Leda come togetherthis detail nevertheless harbors a concept fully germane to the Greek tradition in which, if a god communicates with a member of the human race, that individual may die as a result.

Note the number of stories in which an Olympian takes care to wrap himself in a cloud or takes on wart on foot keeps bleeding disguise of some animal in order to hunt down a nymph that has taken his fancy.

In the case of Semele wanting Zeus to come to her in divine splendor, not disguised, she dies. This information is of consequence for the purpose of the moment, for it helps the endeavor to comprehend the use of the water lily motif. Beide evozierten Pflanzen sind fest in die Gedichtstruktur eingebunden. An dieser Ambivalenz The Beginnings, Part I 7 läßt sich der oft vernachlässigte Unterschied zwischen visuellen und sprachlichen Bildern zeigen: nur in letzteren kann eine Blüte gleichzeitig weiß und rot sein.

Moreover, the importance of the above citation could be enhanced by adding the not necessarily superfluous reminder that the petals of the mystical rose of Judaism are alternately white and red Schlesak We therefore go beyond the above reading by thinking of the flower in terms of color rosa.

As an extra little boon, this reading allows for a comparison with the closing passage of Sprich auch du I : 20 Feiner: ein Faden, an dem er herabwill, der Stern: um unten zu schwimmen, unten, wo er sich schimmern sieht: in der Dünung wandernder Worte, 8 Paul Celan: Studies in His Early Poetry even though these lines bear clear testimony to the process of abstraction to which the star motif wart on foot keeps bleeding subjected in the struggle to use words, if not fully effectively, at least responsibly.

There is more. In them we find under Nelumbo that the Nelumbo nucifera Indian lotus has a pinkish-red flower. In contrast to this, its close relative, the Egyptian lotus Nymphea lotus has a white flower. Celan may nevertheless be somewhat cavalier with botanical verities in Im Park: the bloom of at least one water lily species withdraws under water when night falls.

This matter will have to come to our attention again see p. The motif of the robin has nothing to do with Greek mythology; it serves to bring out the possibility of violent death: Der Vogelname selbst, seine sprachliche Form, ist Motivation genug für seine Verbindung mit dem Todesthema Wiedemann-Wolf It is but a short step to link such lightning with the fiery tail of a comet.