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Uterine cancer homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer

During the period of the period, the first two days of all medicines are prohibited. Do not eat cold water, soft drinks and coconut.

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Do not use shampoo in the head. Because the hair follicles are loose during the period, the fibrous leaves are exposed.

uterine cancer homeopathic treatment

Shampoo is very uterine cancer homeopathic treatment and long lasting May cause the headache. Do not eat cucumber in the meantime.

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Because the juice contained in the rabbit can stuck the blood period in the uterus wall. Thereby, you are likely to become barren.

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Also, keep in mind that during the period, the body does not feel any uterine cancer homeopathic treatment injury, especially in the stomach. In the period of the period, the uterus is very fragile and can be severely damaged. This results in the risk of cervical cancer, cervical wind or cataract.

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It has been found in the study that due to drinking cold water during periods, the period of birth can be tied to the uterus wall without leaving the blood.

Which can cure tissue or cancer in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Our mothers are free from cervical cancer and lactation.