Colon & Rectal Cancer, Paperback

Rectal cancer uptodate

There are five faculties within our university: the Medical Faculty, the Dental Faculty, the Pharmacy Faculty, the Nursing Faculty and the Midwifes Faculty, and several short-term training courses.

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The university provides European curricula, modern teaching facilities and excellent studying conditions. The mission of our institution is a. Rectal cancer uptodate be an accessible and responsible high education institution, offering high quality training in the medical field b.

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To be an excellence teaching, research and medical support centre c. To be a source of inspiration rectal cancer uptodate all members of the academical community, and to transform intent into performance d. To satisfy the need of high quality standards of the medical professionals and those of the community e.

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CFU’s main activities are: a. Providing high quality-ultrasonographical education, nurturing the development of a large number of diverse scientific research projects b.

Colon & Rectal Cancer, Paperback

Supplying a high quality didactic product in accordance with the principles of supraspecialization c.

Introducing of a quota for a better organization of the echography teaching d. Rectal cancer uptodate the up-to-date long-distance teaching system that facilitates access to the US image library and exchange of images among several medical clinics as part of the teaching process e.

Introducing new medical ultrasound specific teaching techniques f.

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Establishing computer-assisted evaluation system of continuous medical education CME in ultrasonography g. Affiliation to international ultrasonography standards h. CV of Prof.

Colorectal Cancer: Don’s Story #ghspatientstories

He obtained rectal cancer uptodate in internal medicine, gastroenterology and medical imaging ultrasonography. In he obtained the PhD degree with a thesis in the field of ultrasonography. Radu I Badea developed a sustained scientific work, materialized by 25 books and scientific articles.

He is also member of 6 scientific societies in the field of ultrasonography, internal medicine and gastroenterology, being general secretary of the Roamanian Society of Ultrasounds in Medicine rectal cancer uptodate Biology SRUMB.

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Staging – Treatment – Pathology – Palliation

His research activity was permanently enriched by coordinating several national and international grants related with ultrasonography and its applications in general practice e.

References: UMF1. Ultraschall 9 – UMF2. Surgical Endoscopy  5 89 – 91 UMF3.

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Badea R, Badea Gh. Ultraschall 12 6, – UMF6. Romana de Ultrasonografie, vol.

  1. Provides state of the art information on surgery, oncology, imaging, staging, pathology, and palliation Explains how to organize the multidisciplinary team Addresses key controversies Aids understanding and communication among team members About this book This book is intended as the equivalent of the Swiss Army knife for all members of colorectal cancer CRC multidisciplinary teams rectal cancer uptodate those training in the fields of CRC management.

Romana de Ultrasonografie. Badea R, Vlaicu A.

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Radu I. Badea, Sorin M. Dudea, Petru A. Mircea, Florin Stamatian.

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Volumul I. Ed Medicala, Bucuresti,