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Rectal cancer surgery complications


rectal cancer surgery complications

Bartoş, C. Surgery in colon cancer patients remains the only curative treatment, hence the importance of an adequate techniqual approach.

Robotic colorectal surgery complications

Heald introduced, inthe total mesorectum excision technique for rectal cancer patients, with susequent improvement in oncologic results and reduced recurrence rates. Thus, total mesorectum excision technique represents today the gold standard in surgical resection of rectal malignancies.

rectal cancer surgery complications

Based on this results, Hohenbergen first applied in the total mesorectum rectal cancer surgery complications principle in colon cancer surgery as complete mesocolon excision ECM and central vascular ligation CVL. Complete mesocolic excision rectal cancer surgery complications based on a correct identification of the dissection plan between the mesofascial plane and the retroperitoneal fascia, central vascular ligation of the vessels to remove vertical lymph nodes and resection of the affected colonic segment.

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This paper aims to follow the principle of ECM and LVC in classic surgery and to correctly identify the anatomical rectal cancer surgery complications plans. In conclusion, applying the principles of CME and CVL in colon cancer surgery can improve cancer outcomes without increasing the incidence of postoperative complications.

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