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Demeter had a daughter named Persephone Goddess of Spring and Zeus thought of Persephone as por que cancer es el mejor signo ideal wife for Hades who was the God of Underworld and not happy with his position. In the end, it is decided that Persephone only has to spend part of the year with Hades in por que cancer es el mejor signo underworld and this is when the seasonal cycles come to play. Demeter had to let go of her daughter and with that acceptance, we now have four season which gives the circle of life the balance it needs.

So, what does this famous myth has to do with this house? Well, I see this house as the loss of childhood coming after 5th housegrowing pains, the responsibilities one comes face to face, taking care of your own health… Living is not all about fun and games no longer. The house represents the necessary actions or the discipline one has to adapt into their lives in order for their lively-hoods to blossom. They are talented in the field of organizing but when it comes to keeping up they are slacking.

They are naive in their approach to taking care of themselves even though they would think of themselves as the best at it. They need to at least take into consideration what other people might have to say about what might be good for them. Aries rules the head, therefore the native might be prone to migraines, head injuries and sinus pressure. Anxiety can also catch up to them when they feel like statusuri parazitii are not good por que cancer es el mejor signo something they set out their minds on.

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They do not like the idea of pleasing others. They are also quite competitive in the work environment. The transition to adulthood was painful but was faster than what was anticipated.

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The native was a rebellious young-adult who was angry at the unfairness of the world. They want everything to go smoothly and under their control.

They do take care of themselves but it a more self-indulgent way than anything.

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They like making plans so that they can enjoy it. They are likely to accept other people to custom their daily lives to their own. They are not very disciplined people when it comes to taking the right actions for an order to take place in their lives.

por que cancer es el mejor signo

Taurus rules the throat, including the neck, thyroid gland, and vocal tract. The native might be prone to inflammation of the tonsils, sore throats, and thyroid imbalance. They are sensitive to catching a cold more than most people. Anxiety can catch up with them when they see things not going their way and when their peace is disrupted by circumstances.

A test of their optimism is something they fear but inevitable. When working for other people, they make sure to make themselves feel comfortable. Even if they tend to be lazy in the work environment they are capable of keeping things under control. The transition to adulthood was very slow since the native is stubborn when it comes to giving in to nature.

The native was surprisingly a patient and peaceful young adult.

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Thankfully, they are very capable of taking on a lot of things at once. They are very curious about health and what is the right path for them to follow when it comes to self-actualization.

They are very adaptable to sudden changes in their routines and have no trouble with organizing. They seem to be very talented when it comes to recognizing the necessary actions to be taken so that their lives will come in order.

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They always have a back-up plan when things seem to go wrong. These people are highly analytic and seem to be afraid of being ill. They are likely to be one of those people who constantly google symptoms. Gemini rules the nervous system which includes the shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, and fingers. They might be prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety, nervous or fidgety problems, smoking-related illnesses, and breathing issues.

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When working for other people, they are very good at doing the right thing and following orders. In the work environment even though they seem cool and capable on the outside, inside a lot of nervousness can warts on hands will not go away bothering them because of their desire of being perfect at what they are doing.

The transition to adulthood was very awkward for them and caused a lot of anxiety on their part but they adapted rather quickly. The native was a young adult who was always on the run trying to achieve their goals as soon as possible. They like the fact that their lives are unpredictable and ever-changing. They stick to their gut feeling when it comes to knowing what is the best thing to do for their bodies and livelihood. Their mother might have influenced them a lot when it comes to self-discipline or on the contrary, it por que cancer es el mejor signo so lacking that they had to become their own mothers and teach themselves about nourishment through trial and error.

They are not comfortable with restrictions and discipline. The idea of a routine can lead them into depression. Flexibility is important for their mental health. Cancer rules the chest, including the breasts and stomach.

The natives can face problems concerning these areas. The mother might also pass on an illness to the native. But the por que cancer es el mejor signo ups and downs caused by past traumas will be the biggest concern for the chart owner. In the work environment, they are well-liked. The people they work for or work with seem to feel close to these individuals even if the native is not really doing anything intentionally. Their intuition is working well when they are doing their jobs.

The transition to adulthood might have had been very hard for them. As a young adult, they were quite emotional and well known for their vulnerability.

They can be pretty selfish when it comes to their plans and comfort zones. They go about their days confidently, thinking the universe only works for them but this is not the case. When they come face to face with this harsh truth they self-sabotage and make the most childish choices.

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They are forever creative individuals who never grow want to up. They can be introverts since they only feel confident in themselves when they are in control and other people will only bring discomfort into their daily lives. Even though they are very intelligent and creative they do not like to collaborate with people for similar reasons.

Leo rules the heart, spine, spinal column and upper back. If these people do not follow a passion and know joy, there por que cancer es el mejor signo be heart disease.

It is crucial for them to live their everyday lives just the way they desire. It is not possible always of course. This is the reason why for their constant depression. In the work environment, they are very efficient IF they are working on their own. There is a great chance for them to outshine everybody else surrounding them which por que cancer es el mejor signo lead to jealousy issues.

The transition to adulthood is almost non-existent since they refuse to grow up. As a young adult, they were well-known for their creativity and talents. They are very fixated on perfection when it comes to their work, daily lives and self-actualization. They cervical cancer pain one of the most analytic brains which can give sudden anxiety.

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They always feel the need to make sure everything is in the right order, but what is right and what is wrong depends on the circumstances. Not having the answers to problems makes the native nervous. They are always in constant search of what is the right thing to do. Since the answer to this is vague the person with this placement always feels incomplete. They have to watch out for trying to fill this hole with addictions.

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Virgo rules the digestive system, which includes the intestines, and spleen. People with this placement might suffer digestive problems in addition to addiction and anxiety problems. Their hyper-awareness needs to be tamed. Meditation and mindfulness are highly recommended to these individuals.

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They are also very helpful individuals. Concerns of others become their concerns also. In the work environment, they are hard-workers.

They tend to tire themselves out to the point of exhaustion and they tend to overlook their health when their work is on the line. The transition to adulthood came naturally since they were eager to por que cancer es el mejor signo and take care of themselves on their own.

Virgo El amor: qué significa para los signos de fuego Es muy probable que definir la palabra amor, sea por que cancer es el mejor signo si lo buscamos en el diccionario, pero la verdad es que todos en el mundo tenemos una percepción diferente con respecto a este concepto. El hecho es que, aunque creamos que compartimos una visión con otro ser la verdad es que siempre tendremos una pequeña discrepancia. En el horóscopo del amor para hoy te indicamos como ven los signos del elemento fuego el amor es decir Leo, Aries y Sagitario. Esto con motivo a que este grupo de astros ha sorprendido a más de uno y sino ¡que lancen la primera piedra!

But once they are fully grown they miss their youth greatly. As a young adult, they were well-known for being workaholics and perfectionists who were nervous wrecks from time to time. With balance comes peace and beauty but in order to understand and por que cancer es el mejor signo the true meanings of these things other than what is on the surface these people have to have a taste of chaos and imbalance in their lives.

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Only chaos gives birth to such beauty. Balance in their daily lives is essential for these people since the circumstances are extra hard on them. The ruthless side of Venus shows its face here. The sign of Libra rules the kidneys, skin, lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks.

Traducere "zodiacal" în spaniolă

People with this placement might come face to face with health por que cancer es el mejor signo concerning these areas. It is a great signifier of how they have to get their act together at this time.

They have a tendency to wait for a significant other to help them on their journey of self-actualization which seems to be their downfall. Relationships seem to affect their health greatly.

Being dependent on others will cause their personalities to be unstable. Extra care needs to be taken on their own being. In the work environment, they are quite artistic and seem to take care of anything that is out of order in their jobs. They are very flirty with their co-workers. During their transition to adulthood, they have blossomed beautifully.

They had to go through a lot of tests concerning relationships. These people are masters at planning things. They can manipulate other people to adjust their lives according to their own. They are capable of controlling other people without even trying but there is a lot of karma por que cancer es el mejor signo follows them without their knowledge.

Signo de Cáncer, (Virtudes y Defectos)

They are master manifesters but unsatisfaction with their daily lives seems to be a curse they have to deal with. It is almost like they have a great sense of what other people are going through and how can they fix it for them or make it worse but when it comes to their lives por que cancer es el mejor signo only are they clueless but they always feel out of place.

Keeping their powers of manifestation on a leash can actually do wonders for them. They need to take extra caution of their thoughts, especially of others. They need to stay por que cancer es el mejor signo from any kind of obsessive behavior. The sign of Scorpio rules the reproductive system, sex organs, bowels, and excretory systems.

They can have health troubles in their lives concerning these areas when their life is out of order. Once they put their lives in order and be careful of not adapting manipulative behavior, there is nothing that can stop them… They have the potential of becoming magicians almost. They can especially work their magic in the work environment.

They have a way of climbing on the top of everyone else very quickly. They have a powerful influence on people. The transition to adulthood was almost transformative. Something inside had died and now they por que cancer es el mejor signo the phoenix who rose from its ashes.

As young adults, they have done things they regret but thanks to those mistakes they are capable of great things in life now. Sagittarius is also all about higher knowledge hence the reason why the native of this placement will have an undeniable desire to know about their health and what is the right thing to do for self-actualization. The more it is ignored the larger the problems concerning these areas.

The chart owner has to be aware of the issues surrounding their bodies and life-style - blind luck and optimism will not be on their side when it comes to these things if they por que cancer es el mejor signo not taken into consideration. But once they are noticed and taken care of the native will be very auspicious. Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, liver, pituitary gland, and sciatic nerve.

If they face with health troubles especially around these areas, the native must take immediate action and take their soul-journey in their body seriously. After all, we are spirits who are having a human experience and anything that is of earth needs to be respected… especially our bodies. In the work environment, they are extravagant. It is hard to not notice them and the work they do. They are naturally good at doing what they put their hearts into but if they do not feel enthusiastic about their jobs they will be slacking.

The transition to adulthood was overwhelming for them.