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Pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor


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    • Fundraiser has ended About Oana Maria Neagu are 29 de ani si este frumoasa, mereu zambitoare, dornica de viata, iar prietenii spun ca este o luptatoare.
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    Alin Juganaru hasn't added a story. My name is Alin Juganaru and this is my story. I have been diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary with cells of adenocarcinoma type.

    pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor

    This type of cancer likes bone marrow, and it stops the production of my red cells. Without red cells, my body can't get the oxygen it needs.

    pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor

    Blood transfusions may be required to get my hemoglobin levels as close as possible to the normal. It is believed that the cancer has originated from the pancreas and moved to my spine, hip bone, neck bones, and back of my skull, where it has created metastases.

    The most damaged part is the spine, as one of my vertebras, the T11 has collapsed, causing me atrocious pain.

    Fortunately the doctors have done an operation on it and brought it as close as possible to its original state and relieved me from the pain. Also through proper medication I manage to keep my pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor under control.

    I am undergoing chemotherapy but the treatment is cancerul la ochi to slow down the cancerous activity.

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    At this point in time I have been told there is no treatment to actually destroy the cancerous cells. All these events have had a huge impact on my life.

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    I haven't attended my job since April, and my soul mate, Andreea, also had to give up work to look after me. She is giving her very best to see me back to our normal life full of love and joy. I have always been a determined person, I won't let the cancer beat me.

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    I always stay strong and positive and I will give pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor my best to fight it and win this battle. However this battle is difficult. I have all the moral support from my family, my friends and colleagues, I have the right nutrition and my doctor is an angel. However, even with all these things, this cancer is a very hard enemy to beat, especially because we don't know of any medical treatment to destroy it.

    That is why I am now trying to get in touch with different clinics and doctors around the world to make my case known and search for a solution to my disease.

    Fundraiser pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor ended About Mihaela are 40 de ani si in ianuarie anul acesta, cu ocazia zilei de nastere, credea ca viata ii va aduce bucurii nebanuite: experiente noi la job, locuri noi de vizitat si de ce nu, poate un copil. Suferea de mai multe luni de dureri ingrozitoare de spate, pe care doctorii le-au tratat prin antiinflamatoare specifice. I s-a spus ca are vertebrele deplasate si alte minuni care nu aveau legatura cu realitatea. De fapt, tumora masiva de pe pancreas apasa pe coloana.

    The truth is I need help in my fight. Nowadays life is governed by money, and finances are not in my advantage.

    pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor hpv warts dangerous

    Not just for my day to day living, but also to pursue my fight to reach that one clinic or doctor who can give me the chance to get my life back. So, I send this message to the world, and hope that it will reach some warm hearts that will beat for me and help me in pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor fight.

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