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    The beginning always seems difficult when trying to expose your life and ask for help.

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    My name is Marinela, I'm 34 years old and recently Flatulenta tratament gave birth to Mariam, a neuroendocrine cancer hospitals girl of 1 year and 2 months. After very hard psychical period that I had during my pregnancy, I brought to world I felt the happiest person in the world to have her, but soon after that, the sufferance accumulated during the pregnancy started to transform into pain and contractions of the liver.

    One morning, after a big pain, I realized that I could endanger my daughter's life if I fainted, neuroendocrine cancer hospitals because I was alone with her in the house. So I decided to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound exam.

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    So, the 21st December ,it was the first day of my new life. Since then, my life changed completely.

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    Neuroendocrine cancer hospitals went to multiple doctors in Romania but none of them could find a proper treatment… and operation neuroendocrine cancer hospitals out of the question at this moment, because of the multicellular tumors.

    After sending my analysis file to different clinics and hospitals in Germany, the only clinic that gave me confidence was St. neuroendocrine cancer hospitals

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    George Hospital, an oncology and naturopathy therapy. Their proposal was a 3-week treatment neuroendocrine cancer hospitals with week admissions, where various naturopathic and oncological procedures with cytostatics specific to my cancer type will be applied. The costs are fabulous for me, as the first meeting amount is 30, euros, and the total amount is 80, euros.

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    Babes Institute for IHC investigation, possible diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the liver without neuroendocrine cancer hospitals origin of tumor proliferation In response, cancer pulmonar genetics Meanwhile, I followed alternative treatments with vitamin C infusions, total and local hyperthermia, psychotherapy, etc.

    Unfortunately, at this time, I do not have a vision of what to do, or neuroendocrine cancer hospitals the treatment events should occur.

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    I just neuroendocrine cancer hospitals that I want to see how my little girl will grow and to be beside her at every stage of her development I'm not good at endings : I'm a optimist person and God has sent me people who can help me and I'm confident that they will come to me at the right time With utmost respect for what you do.