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Clinical endocrinological diagnosis was established based on the thyromegaly and euthyroid status. Neuropsychiatric manifestations seen in patients with goiter from the study group included: 1.

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Psychiatric accuses: 63 cases — Psychiatric disorders encountered in the intraductal papilloma lump group included somatization disorders with dissociative symptoms, somatoform disorders, conversive disorders, anxiety and depression syndromes, relatively common in patients with euthyroid goiter.

Left transient paresthesia syndromes were common and of functional nature: — Conversive disorders — 4 cases — 2.

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Headaches: 52 cases — Vertigo — 38 cases — intraductal papilloma lump Fainting — 6 cases — 3. Tremor — 6 cases — 3. Muscular cramps — 2 cases — 1.

intraductal papilloma lump

Osteotendinous hyperrelfexia — 2 cases — 1. Essential trigeminal neuralgia — 1 case — 0. Clinically confirmed sensory neuropathy with disorders of superficial and profound sensory disorders in the lower limbs — 2 cases — 1. Stroke intraductal papilloma lump 9 cases The prevalence of stroke in patients with euthyroid goiter from the study group. Neurofibromatosis — 1 case — 0.

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Ocular myasthenia gravis — 2 cases — 1. Euthryoid goiter associated with multiple sclerosis, remitting — recurrent form — 1 case — 0. Associations between euthyroid goiter, myasthenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic vasculitis with secondary neuropathy — 1 case intraductal papilloma lump 0.

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The diagnosis was clinically and paraclinically confirmed through mediastinum radiography, mediastinum CT, thyroid scintigram. From the patients, 4 have undergone surgery followed by substitution with thyroid hormone treatment in the recurrent case the patient refused another intervention.

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On the subsequent checks that occurred every 3 months the evolution was favorable in all 4 cases, the initial signs and symptoms disappearing completely. Patient S. Personal history: unimportant. Clinical exam: lowering of the soft palate on the right side; thyromegaly grade II.

Laboratory exam: T3 — Thyroid ultrasound: both thyroid lobes were increased in size, homogeneous structure. Intraductal papilloma lump scintigraphy fig 6 : Fig 6. Thyroid scinitgraphy — patient M.

intraductal papilloma lump

Thoracic mediastinum CT fig. There are no encountered mediastinum adenopathies nor in the pulmonary hilum. E, fig.

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Anizofollicular aspect, epithelial hyperactivity is highlighted, with maximum use of the colloid; The follicles have different sizes, some of them being cystic dilated; thyroid vesicles intraductal papilloma lump much wider and thyroid cells are flattened, the colloid is homogeneous, intensely intraductal papilloma lump.

Paraclinically the endocrinological diagnosis of sporadic euthyroid goiter was established by: — Hormonal dosages; — Thyroid ultrasound fig.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breast.

Isthmus has a size of 7mm. The right thyroid lobe is occupied by nodular structures, the biggest one being located median, with a diameter of 14 mm. Inhomogeneous capture on the projection area of theright thyroid lobe.

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Inhomogeneous capture intraductal papilloma lump both lobes, sketching a hypocaptation area in the intraductal papilloma lump lobe, in the inferior — exterior side, and the small area of hypocaptation in the lower pole of the right lobe. Intraductal papilloma lump investigations have been exemplified above. The paraclinical neurological diagnosis included: — FO exam; — Electromyographic examination; — Neuroimaging CT examination; In the study group we encountered associations of signs of hyperprolactinemia galactorrheawith elevated values of PRL prolactin — Brain CT disconfirmed the diagnosis.

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In 6 of the cases with persisting vertigo and balance disorders without response to treatment, a brain CT was carried out which detected a diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy. Cases of intraductal papilloma lump headache associated with vertigo and thyromegaly have been evaluated through brain Intraductal papilloma lump without detecting any changes in the brain.

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Also, brain CT was performed for sensory syndromes in a hemicord with prolonged evolution, detecting only cortical atrophy. Neuroimaging evaluation was intraductal papilloma lump for the association of thyro-ovarian failure with training headache, galactorrhea and fainting, with a suspicion of pituitary adenoma, but it had not been confirmed by the brain CT.

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In one intraductal papilloma lump with normal prolactin levels, headache, goiter and galactorrhea the diagnosis in the end was of intraductal breast papilloma. For cases with myasthenia gravis and plunging intrathoracic goiter, we performed mediastinum CT.

Also, CT examination was performed in cases of stroke and in cases which required the study of the orbit and exophthalmometry. Euthyroid goiter was not associated with any specific neurological symptoms, the changes being predominantly subjective, the psychiatric accuses being more predominant. Intraductal papilloma lump persistence of some subjective accuses such as vertigo and headache have required neuroimaging investigations.

In cases with bulky goiter or endothoracic intraductal papilloma lump we encountered compression phenomena of the mediasinum structures or of the cervical neurovascular package. In some situations we have registered cases of diplopia with unclear intraductal papilloma lump, without it belonging to a neurological cause or an endocrinological one because we could not establish it hpv vaccine research paper certainty.

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We call that diplopia may precede with a intraductal papilloma lump years the installation of thyroid disorders. We were not able to establish a direct cause or link between the two conditions, we have encountered associations between euthyroid goiter and myasthenia intraductal papilloma lump, multiple sclerosis, neurofibromatosis and stroke.