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    Many of you may know that I have written and illustrated a children's picture book, "Centipede Dragon A Benevolent Creature. Coming on the heels of the start on a new topic series on itch and hives, I feel rather bad for this hiatus, and so soon after my last couple of absences. However, once I get through this, I'll be back! Furthermore, don't count me out entirely during this period as I may find interesting things to post about in the meantime.

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    I hope to be flatulenta gastrica with you soon and will post brief updates on my progress with hpv vaccine side effects hives production! Well, what if after the scratching, that itch sensation comes back minutes later? What if this is happening all over your body, on the palms of your hands, behind hpv vaccine side effects hives top part of your ear where it meets your head, in between your toes, and in your armpits?

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    What if you scratch to the point that you begin to bloody those patches of skin? An irritant of some sort can get into your body in many ways.

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    The obvious one is eating. Like doors where some go in or out, or some that lead into restaurants while others lead to bakeries, these channels in and out of the cell are equally as diverse, while also being multipurpose i. If you ARE an itchy irritant, then not only do you get into the cell, but now you can gain access to a nerve ending.

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    And this is where the tortuous itching begins. So what do you do?