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In this paper, we aimed to analyze the structure, ecology and syntaxonomy of the communities dominated by Ailanthus altissima, in hpv outbreak causes Eastern Romania Moldavia. Hpv outbreak causes study has been achieved during our research on alien plants, conducted in A number of 20 vegetation relevés have been carried out according to the Braun-Blanquet's methodology, in the spontaneous communities of Ailanthus altissima.

The investigations led to the description of a new plant association Balloto nigrae-Ailanthetum altissimae ass. Recognition species are Ballota nigra and Ailanthusaltissima. Hpv outbreak causes these, among the characteristic species of higher syntaxa alliance, order, classthe following species stand out: Bromus sterilis constantUrticadioica and Galium aparine sub-constant. The stands are found hpv outbreak causes sunny lands, on roadsides, railway embankments, railway stations, steep slopes, ravines, abandoned fields, abandoned orchards or vineyards on terraces, ruderal lands, sandy lands, degraded pastures, or on the edge of Robiniapseudacacia plantations.

They are situated between 38 and m a. In ecological terms, the association Balloto nigrae-Ailanthetum altissimae includes heliophilous sub-heliophilousmoderate thermophilous, xero-mesophilous, hpv outbreak causes and moderate nitrophilous phytocoenoses.

The results are discussed against the background of similar investigations of anthropogenic woody plant communities carried out by others authors.

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Bump vena picior

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Traducere "risc inalt" în engleză

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Ciocârlan V. Pteridophyta et Spermatophyta Illustrated Flora of Romania.

  1. Russel Myers, D.
  2. Жидкий огонь стал принимать определенные очертания, собираясь в отдельные яростные пламявороты.

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