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Endometrial cancer classification


    VitalSource eBook access code and instructions will be provided within the print book. Provides a comprehensive guide to modern cancer treatment focusing on patient management Supports an integrated approach to patient care involving radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery where appropriate Features supporting online content including clinical practice guidelines, epidemiology and outcome statistics, patient support resources, and more.

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    Authored by high-profile opinion leaders, making it essential reading for trainees and physicians Includes access to an eBook version with purchase of the printed book Summary Endometrial cancer classification of Cancer, Sixth Edition is a multi-authored work based on a single theme—the optimal treatment of cancer.

    A comprehensive guide to modern cancer treatment, it supports an integrated approach to patient care including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. The endometrial cancer classification edition has been completely updated to create a useful, practical guide focused on the management of individual tumour types.

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    The characteristic didactic approach to patient care of previous editions is retained, but now with endometrial cancer classification consideration to the options available. This book is a valuable resource for trainees, endometrial cancer classification, radiation oncologists, surgical endometrial cancer classification, and haematologists.

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