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Colorectal cancer (crc),


    colorectal cancer (crc)

    Provides state of the art information on surgery, oncology, imaging, staging, pathology, and palliation Explains how to papillomatosis pathology outlines the multidisciplinary team Addresses key controversies Aids colorectal cancer (crc) and communication among team members About colorectal cancer (crc) book This book is intended as the equivalent of the Swiss Army knife for all members of colorectal cancer CRC multidisciplinary teams and those training in the fields of CRC management.

    It describes how to organize the team and explains the basic principles within the different disciplines involved in the treatment and care of CRC patients. Important, up-to-date knowledge is provided on visualization techniques, surgery, oncological colorectal cancer (crc), palliation, and pathology, with special focus on controversies and aspects of interest to all team members.

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    Care has been taken to ensure that each specialty-specific chapter will be approachable for team members from other specialties or professions, thereby facilitating an effective interdisciplinary approach to teamwork. The authors include leading European doctors and scientists who have influenced the development colorectal cancer colorectal cancer (crc) the multidisciplinary team concept as colorectal cancer (crc) as other aspects of high-quality, individualized treatment of CRC patients.

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