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    Yearly Astrological Overview of the Year Compared to previous years — which have been fraught with conflicts, tensions, and the most painful twists of fate —, promises longer terms of harmony, re-balancing, soul searching, and returning on the path to achieving personal and social goals. We now get the chance to adapt to changes that — with or cancer professional horoscope 2019 our say so — have taken place on a personal, professional, social level, cancer professional horoscope 2019 so on.

    This configuration might be a final warning to those who are still slow to change their mentality, cancer professional horoscope 2019, and way of expressing their individuality, identity, and so forth. cancer professional horoscope 2019

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    So some of us might feel like certain changes are extremely important and must be made immediately — now or never and at any cost. But the same thing could also happen on a global scale when it comes to existing conflicts.

    We might witness final confrontations or the fall of regimes that have long existed in a state of delicate cancer professional horoscope 2019. Or only after that moment would simptome cancer glanda tiroida be taken to end confrontations.

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    Jupiter during Until November 8Jupiter is in Scorpio — a money-prone sign, just like Taurus which will be transited by Uranus. Various surprising external events can contribute to this evolution. With Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio, everything is possible. We might benefit from unexpected income or from unexpected sources, but also suffer through tough times when it comes to money, suffer losses, or make significant unforeseen expenses.

    Jupiter makes a harmonious aspect with Pluto, which can be a good tiding when it comes to both macro- and micro- cancer professional horoscope 2019.

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    The harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Pluto can also be beneficial to scientific research, more so when it comes to immunity, viruses, preventing and treating cancer, and so on. To these terms we can also add a few cancer professional horoscope 2019 of retrograde motion in Scorpio, between December 1 and 6. Terms during which Mercury has an apparent retrograde motion are very good for reorganizing our most daring ideas and for cancer professional horoscope 2019 out resources and methods needed in order to put them to good use.

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    During such times we should keep our impulsivity in check, although creativity and the desire to act and to affirm ourselves test us. Mars retrograde during Mars — planet of action — is retrograde during in Aquarius June 27 - Cancer professional horoscope 2019 13 and in Capricorn August 13 - Venus retrograde Venus, planet of relationships and money, is retrograde during in Scorpio October 5 - 31 and in Libra October 31 - November During times when Venus is retrograde there might be a cancer professional horoscope 2019 of fears related to possessiveness, manipulation, fidelity, mutual trust, hypocrisy, resentments, and so on.

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    Better solutions in such circumstances are refinancing loans and acquiring antiques or second-hand merchandise.

    Eclipses of The eclipses of take place on the Leo-Aquarius axis, plus a solar eclipse in Cancer on July These emphasize the need to find a balance between affirming oneself and contributing to group pursuits or social causes, a balance between what we give and what we receive — both on a personal and collective level.

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