Human cytochromes P450: evolution and cDNA-directed expression.

Cancer genetic and environmental factors. Human cytochromes P evolution and cDNA-directed expression.


    cancer genetic and environmental factors

    Francisc J. The project will integrate archaeological and historical data with the precise anthropological and genetic results that can bring more objectivity to historical anthropology in a promising way to investigate and validate over four centuries of local history.

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    The field of ancient DNA experience a new era after new technologies and methodological approaches became available and large-scale population genetic studies are now possible. When population history reconstruction is based strictly on the analysis of contemporary human DNA material rather cancer genetic and environmental factors ancient DNA samples, significant information regarding replacement, admixture and local minor migration events could be lost.

    cancer genetic and environmental factors cancer genetic predisposition

    Ancient population studies may yield interesting results in cases where are indications from archaeology and history that a population demographic modification like depopulation or replacement cancer genetic and environmental factors taken place and shaped the gene pools of contemporary populations.

    The impact of lethal epidemics, wars, religious and cultural changes in historical periods would significantly reduce the genetic diversity via bottleneck effect and fundamentally affected the development of populations.

    Interpreting potential genetic signature and osteoarchaeological data left by the effects of such phenomena on population is important because may aid in the reconstruction of the real historical events which affected the Bucharest region during centuries.

    cancer genetic and environmental factors

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