Healings of lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins-lymphoma)

Cancer after hodgkins disease

About Calin este un adolescent de 19 ani si este in clasa a XI-a.

A subsequent medical examination revealed that I was suffering from a cancer, known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma lymph node cancer. This caused pain in the left side of my face. The parotid gland was removed in February

Colegii de clasă, familia si prietenii l-au perceput întotdeauna ca pe un copil inteligent, vesel si cu un suflet bland. De curand, mai precis in luna februarie a anului a primit o veste ce i-a spulberat toate visele Zilele au trecut iar analizele au aratat ca aceasta boala s-a extins peste cancer after hodgkins disease sferturi din suprafata corpului sau si in acest timp a slabit foarte mult, iar noaptea nu poate dormi din cauza durerilor insuportabile si a febrei.


Parintii sai si-au pierdut cancer after hodgkins disease iar veniturile lor nu pot acoperi tratamentele costisitoare. Surioara sa mai mica il asteapta acasa sanatos.

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El are nevoie si de sprijinul nostru financiar cat si moral. Zilele trec iar boala se extinde tot mai mult. Calin trebuie operat cat mai repede si este necesara inceperea chimioterapiei.

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Orice suma conteaza in lupta lui Calin cu cancerul. Cancer after hodgkins disease share l-ar ajuta foarte mult!

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Va multumim din toata inima in numele cancer after hodgkins disease Calin cat si a celor apropiati lui. See more Calin is a Year-old teenager and is in 19th grade. Classmates, family and friends have always perceived him as a smart, cheerful and gentle child.

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Recently, more precisely in February he received news that cancer after hodgkins disease all his dreams He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's cancer, known as cancer of the lymph system. The days have passed and the tests have shown that this disease has extended over three quarters of his body and during this cancer after hodgkins disease he has lost weight, and at night he cannot sleep because of unbearable pain and fever.

What is non-Hodgkin Lymphoma?

His parents lost their job and their income can't cover expensive treatments. His little sister is waiting for him home in good health.

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He also needs our financial and moral support. The days go by and the disease is expanding.

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Calin needs surgery as soon as possible and start chemotherapy. Any amount matters in calin's fight with cancer.

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A share would help him a lot! Thank you from all our heart on behalf of calin and those close to him. See more Translated ·.