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This fact is due to the frequency of this disease which continues to persist at high values, and its evolution is severe especially breast cancer hormone facts it is diagnosed in a late stage of the disease9. Over time, however, new ways have emerged to reduce breast cancer mortality. Thus, breast screening that allows the discovery of the disease in less advanced stages or prior to clinical manifestations, where the number of healings increases considerably.

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Epidemiol Rev,15 1 În: Gh. Peltecu, Tratamentul conservator al cancerului mamar incipient. În: Prişcu Al. Chirurgie, vol.

Abstract Background The outcome of breast cancer treatment largely depends on the timing of detection. The health promotion interventions have an immense contribution to early detection and improved survival.

Editura Didactică şi Breast cancer hormone facts R. În: Irinel Popescu sub red. Tratat de Chirurgie, vol. Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, În: Schwartz S. Editura Teora, Bucureşti, În: Angelescu N.

Editura Medicală, Bucureşti,14 Angelescu N. În: Dragomirescu C. Celsius, Bucureşti, Olsen O. The surgery of the primary tumor is dictated by the tumor dimension compared to the size of the breast, a breast cancer hormone facts of conserving techniques have been described in this respect: wide local excision sectorectomy, quadrantectomy.

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Regardless the peritumoral excision, there is a high probability that neoplastic cells are still present. That is why, in order to diminish the recurrence risk, post surgery irradiation is absolutely necessary, which has the capacity to control the disease locally. Radiotherapy can start two weeks after the surgery or when the wound has healed.

Chirurgia,97 4 Editura medicală, Craiova,pag Chirurgia,93 4 LaValele G. Breast cancer hormone facts surgery of axillary lymph nodes is part of the conservative surgical treatment as the mammary cancer metastases frequently in the axillary lymph nodes. The surgery of the sentinel lymph node is a technique which revolutionizes the surgery of the axillary lymph nodes. The concept of the "sentinel lymph node" reffers to the first axillary lymph breast cancer hormone facts, which can be invaded by breast cancer hormone facts cells through lymphatic drainage.

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Adjuvant chemotherapy: is applied post surgery. Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy: is applied preoperative, in advanced tumors for conversion to surgery state or in breast cancer hormone facts case of smaller but more agressive tumors; It is advisable in IIA — IIIC stages. Palliative Chemotherapy : is advisable especially in the case of patients with metastatic disease without hormone rceptors and with distant metastases or who have hormonoresistance. Tamoxifen reduces the recurrence risk up to 10 25 Tartter P.

Editura Medicală, Bucureşti,27 Giuliano A.

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Ann Surg. Editura Medicală, Bucureşti,87 years and aromatase inhibitors Anastrozole, Letrozole, Exemestane are better tolerated, without any adverse effects and without inducing any resistance. Alos, Gn-RH agonists Zoladex can be used - which attempts a medical castration, which has, however transitory effects. Breast cancer hormone facts, due to knowledge extinction in the domain of mammary cancer biology, asociation of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and molecular target therapy became possible that the surgical act to be limited, without paraziti medicament survival at 5 and 10 years.

Of the total cases with breast cancer, operated in the clinic, only 53 cases benefited from conservative surgical treatment. The patients were diagnosed and treated in The Surgery Clinic of the Railway Clinical Hospital of Craiova, over a period of 4 years 1st of January — breast cancer hormone facts of December Over the last 4 years thanks to the good results obtained through conservative surgery absence of local recurrences the field of conservative surgeries has been enlarged for the tumors of more than 3 cm up to 5 cm.

In 6 of the 15 cases, the patients had first degree relatives diagnosed with mammary cancer mother breast cancer hormone facts one sisterand in the other 9 cases the patients had second and breast cancer hormone facts degree relatives diagno with mammary neoplasm.

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The larger number of patients from the urban area can be due to the addressability of a large number of patients in The Surgery Clinic of the Railway Clinical Hospital of Craiova or due to the age group years old with a higher frequency of cases in the urban area. Figure 1. In the study group we observed an important percentage of tumors with a high degree of differentiation, which is a bad prognosis.

In the studied group we observed an important numbers of tumors with high differentiation degree, which is equivalent with a bad prognosis.

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After establishing the certain diagnosis and the TNM stage, it was possible to establish the treatment through reciprocal collaboration between the surgeon, the oncologist and the radiotherapist, thus the therapeutical protocole was adjusted to each case. The purpose, the place and the techniques of the surgical conservative treatment The double purpose of conservative surgery is to obtain a good local breast cancer hormone facts of the disease on long term and a minimum of local morbidity.

The selection of the patients for the use of conserving therapy was made following the breast cancer hormone facts and the contraindications of conserving surgery but also the particular cases taken separately. Some clinics have as a standard for the tumoral dimensions the limit of 3 centimetres of the tumor but in the Surgery Clinic of the Railway Clinical Hospital of Craiova, the conservative therapy is successfully made also for the tumors of 4 cm breast cancer hormone facts, without any signs of local invasion.

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The report between the tumoral dimension evaluated imagistically and the total volume of the breast is the one breast cancer hormone facts dictates if the patient is suitable for conservative treatment. From this point of view it was noticed that if the patient has a bigger volume of mammary gland and the tumor is larger than 4 cm she is suitable for conservative surgerywhile if the volume of the breast is smalleven a small sectorectomy can have unacceptable cosmetic results.

Surgical treatment results: The post-surgery evolution had the following results: a deaths intra or post-surgery : in 0 cases; b post-surgery complications immediate and late were represented by : hematoma, suppurating wounds, postoperative breast edema, arm lymphedema swollen arm ; Immediate complications: Breast cancer hormone facts 6 1.

Figure 8 Figure 8 - The recurrence percentage after conserving surgery 96 It is necessary to mention the fact that, in these 2 cases the patients did not respect the treatment according to the protocole the patients have to follow after they were diagnosed they did not benefit from radiotherapy.

The surgical conservatory treatment of mammary neoplasm in breast cancer hormone facts I and II represent a good option after which the survival chances post surgery are are the same as in mutilating surgery. Apart from the patient's option, one of the most essential elements in applying conservative surgery is represented by the report between the volume of the tumor and the volume of the breast which has to be taken into consideration; such as the arbitrary decision of the maximum dimensions opted for in conserving surgery is excluded; breast cancer hormone facts matters is obtaining an aesthetic result in maximum oncological safety regardless the dimension of the tumor, otherwise radical mastectomy is preferred followed by breast reconstruction.

Post surgery radiotherapy breast cancer hormone facts the mammary gland is compulsory in order to get a satisfactory recurrence percent.

The complex breast cancer hormone facts treatment applied post surgery can determine the conversion of some cases to the posibility of applying conservative surgery. The age of the patients at the breast cancer hormone facts of the mammary tumor diagnosis is an important factor concerning ipsilateral recurrences which occured; from this point of view we observed that the occurence of ipsilateral recurrences is more frequently met at the patients under 40 years old in comparison with those who are over this age.

The improvement of the therapeutical results with the raise of life expectancy to 5 and 10 years and with the cost reduction of the treatment, can be obtained only by discovering the breast neoplasma at an early stage, which is possible through adopting and respecting screening programmes meant to discover the breast neoplasma as early as possible. All authors report no pottential conflict of interest.

Şuteu O. Kelsey J. Prişcu Al.


Peltecu G. Bland K.

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Bălănescu I. Editura Medicală, Bucureşti,7.

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Angelescu N. Greenal M.

For instance, hair loss, breast cancer hormone facts is one of the major concerns for some patients, such as a young lady with BM of breast cancer, is a less frequently encountered problem with SRS than WBRT as a result of the smaller irradiated field size and focalized dose distribution Figure 2.

Chirurgia,95 1 Editura Medicală, Bucureşti, Badulescu M. Mogoş D.

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Farrar W. Tartter P. Giuliano A.

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