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Features Presents a comprehensive treatment of poisoning through more than chapters in 10 sections Templated format provides key information in a format that is easy to find and understand Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy authorship, allowing text to address issues globally as poisoning and drug overdose are worldwide issues Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy to top What's New Stunning full-colour design which is essential for identifying anthelmintic drugs pregnancy toxins New chapters on occupational and environmental toxicology Expanded sections on bioterrorism Three additional editors who are toxicologists and new editors for individual chapters Back to top Contents General Information Part Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy Section A Concepts in Medical Toxicology 1.

The History of Toxicology 2. The Emergency Management of Poisoning A.

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A General Approach, B. Decontamination, C. Principles of Elimination Enhancement, D. Hemodialysis and Hemoperfusion 3.

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Laboratory Diagnoses and Drug Screening 4. Principles of Pharmacology 5. Drug Interactions 6.


Acid-Base, Fluid, and Electrolyte in Adults 7. Forensic Toxicology A.

anthelmintic drugs pregnancy

General Principles, B. Cardiovascular Toxicology 9.

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Pulmonary Toxicology Clinical Neurotoxicity Hepatic Toxicology Renal Toxicology A. Acute Renal Toxicity B. Chronic Renal Toxicity Gastrointestinal Toxicology Hematologic Consequences of Poisoning Ocular Toxicology Management Principles of Overdose in Pregnancy Toxicologic Issues in the Neonate Toxicologic Issues in the Geriatric Patient Childhood Poisonings A.

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Prevention of Childhood Poisonings, B. Venomous Snakes Rectal cancer quotes. North America Crotalinae Envenomation, B.

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Venomous Arthropods A. Spiders, B. Scorpions and Stinging Insects Mushrooms Poisonous Plants Toxic Marine Life Tricyclic anthelmintic drugs pregnancy Other Cyclic Antidepressants Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors and Serotonin Syndrome Lithium Ethanol Opioids Sedative Hypnotics Benzodiazepines Barbiturates Muscle Relaxants Antipsychotic Agents Anticholinergics and Antihistamines Anticonvulsants Marijuana Cocaine Dissociative Agents: Phencyclidine, Ketamine, and Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy Amphetamines and Derivatives Hallucinogens Acetaminophen Salicylates The Triptans Colchicine Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents Antiviral Agents Anthelmintics Isoniazid Chemotherapeutic Agents and Thalidomide A.

Chemotherapeutic Agents B.

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Thalidomide Digitalis Calcium Channel Antagonists Clonidine and Related Imidazoline Derivatives Diabetic Control Agents Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy and Caffine Anticoagulants Herbal, Traditional, and Alternative Medicine The Vitamins Mercury: Heavy Metals and Inorganic Agents Iron Lead Arsenic and Arsine That Organophosphates and Carbamates Pyrethrins, Repellants and Other Pesticides Herbicides Rodenticides Fumigants Occupational Toxicology Environmental Toxicology Pediatric Environmental Health for Toxicologists Common Perceived but Unproven Toxic Syndromes Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy Inhalation Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cyanide and Related Compounds — Sodium Azide Isocyanates and Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy Compounds Hydrofluoric Acid and Other Fluorides Hydrogen Sulfide Petroleum Distillates and Plant Hydrocarbons Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Benzene and Related Aromatic Hydrocarbons Freon and Other Inhalants Halogens Bromine, Iodine, and Chlorine Compounds Ammonia and Nitrogen Oxides Corrosives Baby Powder, Borates, and Camphor Cosmetics and Toilet Articles Essential Oils Medical Management of Anthelmintic drugs pregnancy Incidents